Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Our Commitment

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We are committed to increasing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of faculty, fellows, residents and staff from groups underrepresented in medicine, and promoting an inclusive environment across the department.

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We are passionate about fostering a community that not only embraces the richness of diverse perspectives but actively celebrates them. Our commitment lies in propelling positive change and promoting inclusivity in every aspect of our academic and professional journey.

We firmly believe that a diverse healthcare workforce is not just essential but critical in advancing patient care and medical research. Through unwavering dedication, we strive to increase the representation of staff, faculty, fellows, and residents from historically underrepresented groups in medicine. By doing so, we aspire to harness the power of unique experiences, talents, and insights that fuel progress in our field.

Our vision

Our vision goes beyond mere numbers – we recognize the profound importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and heard. We actively work to dismantle barriers that impede growth and offer unwavering support to all members of our community. Together, we weave a tapestry of inclusion, belonging, compassion, and excellence that drives us towards achieving better health outcomes and a more equitable world.

Our team

Dr. David Horne

David Horne, MD, MPH

Associate Chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


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Sean Greenlee

Sean Greenlee

Program Manager for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Councils/committees

Department of Medicine DEI Council

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Gender Equity Council

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LGBTQ+ Council

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Residency Diversity Committee

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Diversity Academic Scholar Award

We created this award to assist highly qualified and meritorious DOM-based divisional trainees at the title of Senior Fellow/Acting Instructor and/or Acting Assistant Professor in their transition to the roles of clinician-scholar, physician-scientist, research-scientist, and principal investigator (PI) as newly appointed Assistant Professors.

2023 recipients 

Dr. Tara Reid, Dr. Massiel Stolla, and Dr. Ana Valencia


Gender Equity Awards

Our Gender Equity Awards recognize and celebrate individuals who are dedicated to supporting the success of women and gender minorities.

2023 recipients

GE awards 2023
Monica Fawthrop, Erin Kross, Judith Tsui, Lex Powers


We currently have a robust faculty mentoring program and plan to increase our underrepresented minority (URM) retention by developing a minority faculty mentoring program.

Mentoring is an essential element for faculty career advancement in academic medicine.

A strong mentoring relationship contributes to academic success, productivity, and career satisfaction. Despite the known benefits of mentoring, the lack of mentoring remains a persistent problem in academic medicine, particularly in faculty from URM.

Given that URM faculty are promoted at lower rates, and report lower career satisfaction, the need for a dynamic mentoring program is even greater for junior URM faculty members. 



The Department of Medicine is committed to fostering a workplace that is diverse, equitable and inclusive to meet the needs of our faculty, trainees, staff and patients.

Everyone has biases. Research from behavioral science shows that the most effective ways to mitigate bias in recruiting are by adopting standardized hiring processes, objective hiring criteria, neutral language, a diverse set of evaluators, and structured interviews with rubrics.

To this end, we have developed structures and policies to increase diversity through hiring, recruitment, retention, and promotion.

Hiring guidelines

The following guides are outlined in detail on our intranet (UW Net ID required):

Contact us

Please reach out to the DEI team with any questions, concerns, suggestions:

DEI News


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April 10, 2024
Increasing Physician-Access for American Indian Communities
UW School of Medicine programs are working to address the physician shortage for American Indian and Alaska Native communities.
April 3, 2024
Social factors influence Asian Americans’ heart health
Education, employment and other determinants may pose different cardiovascular risks across Asian subpopulations, a study shows.
April 1, 2024
Ryan Abe new GIM Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Dr. Abe will lead the development, implementation, and assessment of DEI initiatives across the division’s various clinical, research, scholarly, and training programs.