From making kidney dialysis possible to winning the Nobel Prize for bone-marrow transplantation, we have a long tradition of leading-edge research that has yielded some of the most important innovations in the history of modern medicine.

Dr. Robert Bruce conducts a cardiovascular stress test on patient using a treadmill

Heart Research

1963: Dr. Robert Bruce and colleagues revolutionize the monitoring of cardiovascular function using exercise stress tests.

Medic One ambulances

Research in Emergency Medicine

1970: Medic One responds to its first call on March 7, 1970, beginning what would become an international reputation for excellence in pre-hospital emergency care.

Dr. Donnall Thomas receiving the Nobel Prize

Cancer Research

1990: Dr. Donnall Thomas wins the Nobel Prize for pioneering work in bone-marrow transplantation.

Dr. Victor Gura demonstrates the wearable kidney with John Kundzins

Kidney Research

2015: The Wearable Artificial Kidney clinical trial is fast-tracked by the FDA after the device performs successfully in its first U.S. clinical trial at UWMC.