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Teaching Awards 

Paul B. Beeson Award

Recognizes outstanding clinical teaching, scholarliness, humility, compassion & integrity

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Robert S. Evans Award

Reflects the qualities of warmth, understanding, and concern for the needs of others

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Resident and Intern Excellence in Teaching Awards

Recognizes outstanding commitment to teaching and mentoring medical students

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Tina Juul-Dam Teacher of the Year Award

Honors a patient-centered focus, enthusiasm, honesty and humility, and compassion and genuine care for patients and colleagues.

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Richard M. Tucker WWAMI Excellence in Teaching Awards

Recognizes enthusiasm and dedication to providing outstanding teaching and service to medical students.

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Marvin Turck Award

Career achievement award to honor long-term contributions that have defined standards for patient care and teaching.

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C. Scott Smith Community Teacher of the Year Award

Recognizes those who have a deep enthusiasm for and excellence in teaching and using evidence-based medicine in clinical care.

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Scholarship awards

Chair of Medicine Scholars Award

Fosters the transition from trainee to Jr. Faculty physician-scientist and principal investigator (PI)

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Equity Academic Scholarship Award

Helps the transition for trainees advancing from post-doctoral and clinical fellowship to faculty positions. 

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Fialkow Scholarship Award

Recognizes outstanding achievements of Jr. Faculty in research, teaching, clinical work & academic citizenship

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Violet Zuvela Primary Care IM Scholarship Award

Fosters the transition from medical school to IM primary care residency 

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Mentorship Awards 

Housestaff Fellowship Mentor Awards

Appreciation of outstanding mentorship and support of residents during the fellowship process.

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Resident Scholarship Mentor Awards 

Appreciation of outstanding mentorship and support of resident research.

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William J. Bremner Endowed Mentorship Awards

Honors scientific, educational, and patient care contributions through exemplary mentorship

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Gender Equity Mentorship Award

These awards honor those who have encouraged and supported women and gender minorities in their academic and professional endeavors.


Service and leadership awards

Gender Equity Trailblazer Award

These awards honors those who have blazed a trail for women and gender minorities, served as a catalyst for change that enhances the success of women and gender minorities, and/or who have made noteworthy contributions to the department, school or larger community.

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Hindson Award

This award is given to the resident who embodies excellence in leadership, teaching and clinical care at the Boise VAMC.

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Tina Juul-Dam Primary Care Award

This award memorializes Dr. Juul-Dam and celebrates her boundless spirit and zest for life, her dedication and genuine caring for her patients, and her passion for the principles and responsibilities of primary care.

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Outstanding Student Award

Honors outstanding patient care, compassion, and          exemplary professional interactions.

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Outstanding Staff Award

The Department of Medicine Outstanding Staff Awards aim to recognize and celebrate exceptional staff members who are dedicated to supporting our organization’s mission and demonstrate excellence in the areas of diversity and inclusion, learning, teamwork, and innovation. 

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UWMC Service Chief Award

Recognizes clinical and scholarly contributions to the UW Medical Center.

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