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We celebrate our outstanding faculty, staff, students, and trainees whose achievements exemplify our mission.


National/International recognition

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2
Presidential National Medal of Science, 2
Presidential Early Career Award, 8
Canada Gairdner Foundation Awards, 7
Lasker Foundation Awards, 4
National Academy of Medicine, 29
National Academy of Science, 12
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 5

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

E. Donnall Thomas, 1990
Leland Hartwell, 2001

Presidential National Medal of Science

E. Donnall Thomas, 1990
Mary-Claire King, 2014

Presidential Early Career Award

Effie Petersdorf, 1999
David Russell, 2000
Charles Murry, 2000
Marshall Horwitz, 2002
David Cummings, 2004
William Grady, 2005
Muneesh Tewari, 2009
Kristina Utzschneider, 2010

Canada Gairdner Foundation Awards

Belding Scribner, 1969
E. Donnall Thomas, 1990
Leland Hartwell, 1992
Robert Waterston, 2002
Maynard Olson, 2002
King Holmes, 2013
Mary-Claire King, 2021

Lasker Foundation Awards

Leroy Hood, 1987
Leland Hartwell, 1998
Belding Scribner, 2002
Mary-Claire King, 2014

National Academy of Medicine

1970 Paul Beeson
1973 James Haviland
1973 Robert Petersdorf
1974 Arno Motulsky
1974 Maureen Henderson
1978 Neil Elgee
1978 Robert Van Citters
1979 Alvin Thompson
1980 Belding Scribner
1982 John Chase
1987 King Holmes
1988 Edwin Bierman
1990 Joseph Eschbach
1991 Philip Fialkow
1992 Seymour Klebanoff
1994 Mary-Claire King
1994 Mickey Eisenberg
1995 Linda Rosenstock
2000 Paul Ramsey
2001 Robert Waterston
2003 Leroy Hood 
2006 Judith Wasserheit
2007 Eric Larson
2008 Lawrence Corey
2011 Nancy Davidson
2013 Janis Abkowitz
2013 Bruce Psaty
2013 Frederick Appelbaum
2020 Joel Kaufman

National Academy of Sciences

1969 Paul Beeson
1974 Clement Finch
1976 Arno Motulsky
1980 Eloise Giblett
1982 E. Donnall Thomas
1987 Seymour Klebanoff
1989 Stanley Gartler
1990 John A. Glomset
1994 Maynard Olson
2000 Robert Waterston
2000 Stanley Fields
2005 Mary-Claire King

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

William Hazzard, 1972-1980
Arthur Thompson, 1973-1975
John A. Glomset, 1976-2006
Maynard Olson, 1989-1992
Stanley Fields, 1997-2018

Awards news

January 27, 2023
Bryan Balmadrid is a Harborview Hero for Kids
The Harborview Cares for Kids campaign highlights colleagues who go above and beyond to make our hospital systems work well for children and their families.
January 12, 2023
Jason Deen receives 2023 MLK Community Service Award
The UW Medicine MLK Community Service Awards honors individuals or groups who exemplify Martin Luther King, Jr.’s principles.
January 9, 2023
Irl Hirsch to receive President’s Award for Innovation
This award is presented to the health care professional who exemplifies extraordinary leadership in using innovation and advancements in technology for insulin delivery and devices that help people with diabetes to thrive.