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The Association of American Physicians (AAP) is an honorary medical society founded in 1885 by the Canadian physician Sir William Osler and six other distinguished physicians of his era for “the advancement of scientific and practical medicine.”

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Election to the AAP is an honor extended to physicians with outstanding credentials in basic or translational biomedical research and is limited to 70 persons per year.

AAP members

Department of Medicine faculty who have been elected to the AAP:

Janis Abkowitz
Paul Beeson
Michael Boeckh
Karol Bomsztyk
Paul Bornstein
William Bremner
John Brunzell
Peter Byers
Alan Chait
Bruce Clurman
Leonard Cobb
Lawrence Corey
William Couser
J. Curtis
David D'Alessio
David Dale
Nancy Davidson
Gregory DelZoppo
Rick Deyo
Mary Disis
Keith Elkon
Joann Elmore
Clement Finch
Eloise Giblett
Philip Greenberg
Robert Harrington
Jay Heinecke
William Henderson, Jr. 
King Holmes
Leroy Hood
Marshall Horwitz
Leonard Hudson
Gail Jarvik
Steven Kahn
Kenneth Kaushansky
Seymour Klebanoff
Eric Larson
Sum Lee
Stepanie Lee
Ake Lernmark
W. Conrad Liles
Mart Mannik
Thomas Martin
Samuel Miller
Arno Motulsky
Richard Page
Jerry Palmer
Thalia Papayannopoulou
Robert Petersdorf
Effie Petersdorf
Oliver Press
Bruce Psaty
Paul Ramsey
David Rawlings
Stanley Riddell
Henry Rosen
David Saunders
Michael Schwartz
Belding Scribner
Stuart Shankland
Pradeep Singh
Sherrill Slichter
George Stamatoyannopoulos
John Stamatoyannopoulos
Walter Stamm
Rainer Storb
E. Donnall Thomas
Marvin Turck
Wesley Van Voorhis
Anna Wald