Beeson Award

Dr. Paul B. Beeson was a distinguished physician at the Seattle VA Medical Center from 1974 to 1979 who was celebrated for his teaching skills.

Paul Beeson
About Dr. Beeson
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The Beeson Award is presented annually by the internal medicine residents to recognize outstanding clinical teaching by a faculty member who exemplifies scholarliness, humility, compassion, and integrity.


  • One recipient per year
  • Must hold a primary appointment in the Department of Medicine

Past recipients

2023  Amanda Shepherd
2022  Renata Thronson
2021  Sarah Steinkruger
2020  Tyler Albert
2019  Jeffrey Redinger
2018  Gabrielle Berger
2017  J. Randall Curtis
2016  Zachary Goldberger
2015  David Carlbom
2014  Patricia Kritek
2013  Edward Gibbons
2012  Gordon A. Starkebaum
2011  Thomas A. Martin
2010  Leah A. Haseley
2009  Andrew M. Luks
2008  Paul S. Pottinger and Caroline S. Rhoads
2007  Jill M. Watanabe
2006  Melissa (Moe) Hagman
2005  Robert D. Harrington, Jr.
2004  Karen McDonough
2003  John K. Amory
2002  Paul R. Sutton
2001  Virginia C. Broudy
2000  Kenneth P. Steinberg
1999  Bradley D. Anawalt
1998  Gregory C. Gardner and David A. D'Alessio
1997  Joshua O. Benditt
1996  John V.L. Sheffield
1995  Gregory J. Raugi
1994  David H. Spach
1993  Douglas S. Paauw
1992  Terry J. Mengert
1991  Steven R. McGee
1990  Peter J. Kudenchuk
1989  Philip K. Kirby
1988  Jan V. Hirschmann
1987  W. Patrick Fleet
1986  Bruce C. Gilliland
1985  John M. Leonard