Gender Equity Lunch Series

The Department of Medicine Gender Equity Lunch Series provides a space for informal, open dialogue on real issues that women and gender minorities face in the workplace and beyond.

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Led by guest moderators, the series will focus on topics related to gender equity and leadership development. This series is open to all members of all genders in the Department of Medicine.

Via zoom, please note the discussions will not be recorded. 

Upcoming series

Topics for our 2022/23 series:

  • Mentorship/Trailblazers (discussion with inaugural winners of the Gender Equity Awards) 
  • Using Social Media to build your network and support others
  • Are you on the right track? Promotion avenues for faculty & staff
  • The Electronic Health Record (EHR) and gender (special guest moderator Dr. Eve Rittenberg, Harvard Medical Center)
  • Shared mental model for family support – results from the GEC focus groups


past lunch series

May 25, 2022

Topic: Imposter Syndrome

Moderators: Roxanne Hicks, Internal Medicine Resident, and Yihan Yang, Clinical Instructor (General Internal Medicine)

Suggested reading:


September 30, 2021

Topic: Gender Equity in Faculty Promotions

Moderators: Rashmi Sharma, Assistant Professor (General Internal Medicine) and Leah Marcotte, Assistant Professor (General Internal Medicine)

Suggested reading:


October 25, 2021

Topic: Parental Leave

Moderators: Lia Barros, Teaching Associate (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine) and Lauren Feld, Fellow (Gastroenterology)

Suggested reading: 


January 25, 2022

Topic: Sexual Harassment

Moderators: Katherine DeNiro, Assistant Professor (Dermatology) and Elizabeth Krakow, Assistant Professor (Medical Oncology)

Suggested reading:


March 10, 2022

Topic: Meet & Greet with the Gender Equity Council

Moderators: Susan Merel, GEC co-chair, Kelsey Griffin, GEC co-chair and employment committee chair, Lia Barros, family support committee chair, Michelle Erickson, retention & career advancement committee chair, and Amy Fields, outreach & visibility committee chair


March 31, 2022

Topic: Women’s Unpaid Work

Moderators: Kelsey Griffin, Division Operations Manager (Gastroenterology), Anna Tappel, Resident (Dermatology) and Steph Timm, Education and Training Programs Manager (Dermatology)

Suggested reading: 

Instructions for moderators

  • Agree to, or select a topic to discuss (with corresponding presentation or article, book, video, etc.) that is related to gender equity or leadership development 
  • Introduce the topic and provide a brief overview of any reading material for those who may not have read it in advance
  • Have a list of discussion questions and be prepared to help keep the conversation flowing
  • Have fun!