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EDI Survey results

Survey results are available for UW Medicine’s first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Survey.


dei self-assessment rubric

This is a self-assessment for divisions within the Department of Medicine to use to keep track of progress made in the domain of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This tool aims to prompt division leaders and DEI Champions to consider various areas for improvement and growth as they work with and ask for support from the Department’s Associate Chair for DEI.

Inclusiveness Index

The Othering and Belonging Institute’s “Inclusiveness Index” is a holistic gauge of the degree of inclusivity experienced by marginalized groups across the globe and within the United States. Our index ranks states and nation-states in absolute and relative terms using a variety of indicators. Our instrument is unique in striving to gauge inclusivity on its own terms rather than as part of a more general assessment of group well-being, wealth, or economic conditions.

Strategic plans & blueprints

U.S. Census data

EDI visualizations: