Visiting Scholars Programs


We are proud to offer two programs that are designed to give students with diverse backgrounds a chance to experience the training that the University of Washington Department of Medicine has to offer.

Dr. Christopher Ghiathi
Dr. Reid
Inaugural Scholars
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inaugural scholars 

Christopher Ghiathi

First visiting scholar

We welcomed our first Visiting Scholar, Christopher Ghiathi, in October 2015. "An emphasis on serving disadvantaged patients was part of what drew me to Morehouse School of Medicine, and I relished the opportunity to train at an institution that shares the same mission.”

Tara Reid

First visiting resident scholar

We welcomed Dr. Tara Reid as our first visiting resident in 2018. She subsequently matched into our Infectious Diseases Fellowship program. “This was such an amazing opportunity and I was able to make important connections with potential mentors. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine yourself in a new place, particularly when moving your spouse and children. The entire ID division was so welcoming and supportive; this was obviously my #1 ranked program.”