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Lunches with the Chair are a casual opportunity to bridge connections and foster community throughout the department.

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reconnection fund Overview

Strategic plan

The well-being workgroup is part of the Department's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. One of our four core priorities areas is to "invest in our trainees, staff and faculty."

The purpose of this program is for groups or individuals (cross-divisional, not necessarily division-specific), to submit requests for funds to support creative ideas for a one-time event or an ongoing activity that supports community-building and colleague connections.

This can be a great way to reconnect with colleagues or meet newer department staff or faculty. The well-being workgroup will review all proposals.  

Reconnection ideas

We encourage creative ideas, such as: 

  • Sundae/coffee bar
  • Community service 
  • Affinity-based gatherings 
  • Function-specific networking activities (e.g., research scientists, fellowship administrators, etc.) 

Spending Policy

Any activities funded by the reconnection fund should comply with Washington State RCW: 41.04.362

This program is not intended to support all connection and recognition events for divisions, but rather to spur innovation and cross-divisional community-building.

Funds are limited and will be prioritized for proposals that maximize impact for the most individuals with the least expenditure. The committee may provide partial but not full funding based on funds available. 

All food purchases must be pre-approved using the food approval form and UW policies and procedures on food purchases must be followed. Per UW policy, the amount for food will be limited to the travel meal per diem.  

Non-Department of Medicine employees can attend events, but only DOM employees will be reimbursed. 

Examples of allowed expenses:  

  • Food (within per diem allowance) 
  • Trainer/expert consultant to facilitate the program/event 

  • Supplies and materials necessary for the event 

Examples of expenses not allowed:  

  • Alcohol 
  • Flowers 
  • Food over per-diem amount 
  • Transportation 

Please note: All events are voluntary

Apply for funds

To request funds, please complete the Reconnection Proposal Form and answer a few basic questions: 

  1. Estimated date of the activity 
  2. The target audience for the activity 
  3. Estimated number of attendees 
  4. Funds amount requested (all funds must comply with the spending policy
  5. Brief description of the event/activity 
  6. What is the business purpose of your proposed event?
  7. Please list a short agenda for this meeting (required for events involving food/beverage)