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Funding opportunities

The UW Office of Research maintains a list of all available funding opportunities.

First-time investigators

If you wish to submit your first grant proposal, you should first meet with your division administrator to determine eligibility to be a principal investigator (PI), for guidance on preparation and submission of a research proposal, and to obtain access to systems such as SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically). In addition, it is recommended you review the Office of Research webpage for New to UW Research and view the resources provided on their MyResearch Project Lifecycle webpage which provides tools, resources, policies and training for all stages of the research project lifecycle.  

Requesting lab space

To request research lab space, please complete a laboratory space request form and send to W. Conrad Liles.

Who is eligible to be a principal investigator?

Faculty in the following ranks are eligible to serve as the PI of a grant or contract proposal in the School of Medicine:

  • Assistant professor
  • Research assistant professor
  • Associate professor
  • Research associate professor
  • Professor
  • Research professor

Faculty who hold joint appointments and whose primary appointment is in the Department of Medicine typically submit proposals through the Department of Medicine. However, there may be occasions when submission through the joint department is more appropriate. Submitting a proposal through the joint department requires approval in advance from the chair.

Others may serve as PI/PD with permission:

  • Acting faculty – proposal must include a letter from the division head to the chair addressing space requirements, potential for future faculty appointment, and assurance that appropriate mentoring and supervision will be provided during the period of the award.
  • Clinical faculty – certain clinical faculty may be granted permission to be a PI/PD for a clinical research project. It is recommended that your division head seek permission from the chair prior to the preparation of an actual proposal.
  • Affiliate faculty – may serve as PI/PD on grants related to training activities. Permission would be on an exceptional basis and would require the approval of the division head, chair and vice dean of research and graduate education.
  • Fellows/residents – fellows and residents can serve as PI on mentored fellowship proposals. The faculty mentor would be named as the internal PI with the fellow named as PI on the external documents. The chair must support the research activity. Clinical fellows (job class 0444) are not eligible to serve as PIs.

Hiring family members

The Department of Medicine has a policy on hiring and supervising family members. Please review this prior to the hiring process. 

Donated time

Donated time occurs when you commit effort on a proposal with no salary support. As a general rule, faculty in the Department of Medicine may not donate their time. But there are exceptions. If you are asked to participate on a research project with no salary support, please discuss with your division head and/or division administrator before committing to a project.