Strategic Plan


Our 2021-2025 strategic plan proactively lays the groundwork to ensure we continue to fulfill our goals in a dynamic and changing environment, while aligned with system-wide clinical strategies.

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A robust strategic planning process worked to identify the core priorities and strategies that will sustain the department’s leading role and broadly improve the experience and climate for all department members, faculty, staff and trainees.

Central to this is cultivating greater equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the department— from policies and procedures to staffing and educational content.

Strategic priorities

Our strategic plan focuses on four Key Result Areas (KRAs).

Key Result Areas

  • Lead in innovation of patient care delivery and research
  • Nurture a supportive, collaborative culture where equity, diversity and inclusion are at the center
  • Invest in our trainees, staff and faculty
  • Elevate and sustain excellence in teaching

These Key Result Areas informed the creation of six workgroups tasked with creating strategies and deliverables that will yield outcomes related to each KRA.

WorkgroupsStrategic plan workgroups

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More information, including progress on all workgroup deliverables, is posted on our intranet (UW Net ID required).