Faculty recognition

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2
Presidential National Medal of Science 2
Presidential Early Career Award 6
Canada Gairdner Foundation Awards 6
Lasker Foundation Awards 4
National Academy of Medicine 28
National Academy of Sciences 12
Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2

Dr. Donnall Thomas receiving the Nobel Prize
Dr. E. Donnall Thomas receiving the Nobel Prize, 1990

These are among the honors and awards the Department of Medicine bestows upon our faculty who contribute to the richness and diversity of the university community.

Philip and Helen Fialkow Scholars

The Fialkow Award honors the late UW Dean of Medicine and Chair of Medicine Dr. Philip Fialkow and his wife, the late Helen Fialkow, and recognizes the outstanding achievements of junior faculty in medicine in research, teaching, clinical work, and academic citizenship. The award includes support for scholarly activities, and each Fialkow Scholar presents at Medicine Grand Rounds during fall quarter.

Past winners:

2018  Sergei Doulatov
2017  Aude Chapuis and Julia Dombrowski
2016  Nisha Bansal and Cameron Turtle
2015  Matthias Stephan
2014  Mohamed Sorror
2013  Joshua Thaler
2012  Vivian Oehler and Joanne Stekler
2011  Ian H. de Boer and Nona Sotoodehnia
2010  Geoffrey S. Gottlieb
2009  Bryan Kestenbaum
2008  Thomas R. Hawn
2007  Elizabeth A. Phelan
2006  Robert K. Ernst and Francis Kim
2005  Ajit P. Limaye
2004  John K. Amory and Frederick S. Buckner
2003  Cassian Yee
2002  Jonathan G. Drachman
2001  David E. Cummings
2000  Anna Wald
1999  J. Randall Curtis
1998  W. Conrad Liles
1997  Marshall Horwitz

Paul B. Beeson Award

Dr. Paul B. Beeson was Distinguished Physician at the Seattle VA Medical Center from 1974 to 1979 and was celebrated for his teaching skills. The Beeson Award is presented annually by the internal medicine residents to recognize outstanding clinical teaching by a faculty member who exemplifies scholarliness, humility, compassion, and integrity.

Past winners:

2018  Gabrielle Berger
2017  J. Randall Curtis
2016  Zachary Goldberger
2015  David Carlbom
2014  Patricia Kritek
2013  Edward Gibbons
2012  Gordon A. Starkebaum
2011  Thomas A. Martin
2010  Leah A. Haseley
2009  Andrew M. Luks
2008  Paul S. Pottinger and Caroline S. Rhoads
2007  Jill M. Watanabe
2006  Melissa (Moe) Hagman
2005  Robert D. Harrington, Jr.
2004  Karen McDonough
2003  John K. Amory
2002  Paul R. Sutton
2001  Virginia C. Broudy
2000  Kenneth P. Steinberg
1999  Bradley D. Anawalt
1998  Gregory C. Gardner and David A. D'Alessio
1997  Joshua O. Benditt
1996  John V.L. Sheffield
1995  Gregory J. Raugi
1994  David H. Spach
1993  Douglas S. Paauw
1992  Terry J. Mengert
1991  Steven R. McGee
1990  Peter J. Judenchuk
1989  Philip K. Kirby
1988  Jan V. Hirschmann
1987  W. Patrick Fleet
1986  Bruce C. Gilliland
1985  John M. Leonard

Robert S. Evans Award

The Robert S. Evans Awards are presented each year to the second-year medicine resident and the graduating student in medicine who most clearly reflect the qualities of warmth, understanding, and concern for the needs of others exemplified by and expressed through the life of Dr. Robert Evans, who was chief of medicine at Seattle VA Medical Center for many years.

Past winners:

    Residents Students
2018   Megha Shankar Danelle Hidano
2017   Sheida Aalami and Lesley King Joseph Martinez
2016   Terry Chen and Thomas Newman Michelle Lam
2015        Emily Waner Peter Bulger
2014   Jeff Redinger and David Wenger Eric Marr
2013   Meghan Johnston Erin Addison
2012   Reshma Gupta Talia Kahn
2011   Jocelyn R. James Sylvia K. Mollerstrom
2010   Maryann K. Overland Grace E. Marx
2009   Tristan R. Osborn Adeena Khan
2008   Basak Coruh Anna Golob
2007   Karlee Ausk and Jennifer Wright Ashok Reddy
2006   Travis P. Baggett Joseph C. Chiovaro
2005   Maia J.L. Davis Jennifer J. Wright

Lindy S. Klaff and Sandra S. McIntyre     

Zahra A. Karmali
2003   Scott R. Stuart Oscar Zepeda
2002   Genevieve L. Pagalilauan      Lindy S. Klaff and Sandra S. McIntyre
2001   Angelina Platas Scott Stuart
2000   A. Brockenbrough Heidi Combs
1999   Mary Woudenberg David Cameron
1998   Agata Sikora Ettore Palazzo
1997   Thomas Hawn Katerine Weber
1996   Edward Leonard Christopher Pepin
1995   Meshell Johnson Frank Johnson
1994   Kandice Knigge Janis Bridge
1993   Michael Van Scoy Mary Migeon
1992   Victoria Seewald Kristine Rinn and Janet Shimada
1991   David Boggs Kelly Carter
1990   J. Randall Curtis Joan Miller
1989   Julie Carkin Darren Hollenbaugh
1988   Peter Shalit Darik Taniguchi
1987   Douglas Paauw Cecilia Schulte
1986   Terry Mengert Kimberly Tanabe
1985   George Demetri Mary Owen-Majorowicz
1984   Gregory Simon Kathryn Wicklund
1983   Curtis Veal Kristin Adams
1982   Alan Smith Julie Adam
1981   Mitchell Karton Lauri Tadlock
1980   David Ingbar Alan Smith
1979   Charles Petty Oliver Press
1978   Ronald Loge Wylie Burke
1977   Scott Pollack Mary Corff-Harvey
1976   Marsha Fretwell George Berni
1975   George Frank Robin Wragg

Marvin Turck Outstanding Teaching Award

This is a career achievement award to honor individuals whose long-term contributions have defined departmental standards for patient care and teaching and made the University of Washington an outstanding educational institution. Named for Dr. Marvin Turck, whose energy, enthusiastic teaching, remarkable clinical knowledge, humor and support for students, housestaff, fellows and faculty have inspired trainees and faculty for decades. 

Past winners:

2018  Erika Goldstein
2017  David Spach
2016  Karen Stout
2015  Nancy Sugg
2014  Bradley Anawalt
2013  Robert Harrington
2012  Steven R. McGee
2011  Virginia C. Broudy
2010  David J. Pierson
2009  Michael K. Copass
2008  Jan V. Hirschmann
2007  John V.L. Sheffield
2006  Douglas S. Paauw

2005  Bruce C. Gilliland
2004  W. Patrick Fleet

Chair of Medicine Scholars Award

The Chair of Medicine Scholars Awards, initiated in 2013, are awarded annually to meritorious University of Washington Department of Medicine trainees to foster their transition to the roles of physician-scientist and principal investigator. Each award offers $50K per year for two years in salary support to facilitate transition to appointment as a junior faculty member. 

Past winners:

Sylvia LaCourse

Angela Hanson
Pandora Lucrezia "Luke" Wander

Chi Hung
Javeed Shah

Helen Chu
Fabiana Ostronoff
Baback Roshanravan

James Floyd
Carmen Mikacenic
Seth Pollock
Alison Roxby

Katya Rubinow
Chetan Seshadri

Mentorship Awards

Recognizing that mentorship is critical to success across all phases of faculty’s careers in academic medicine, the Department of Medicine Mentorship Awards (established in 2015) honor faculty members for their contribution to the scientific, educational, and patient care mission of the department through exemplary mentorship. Two awards will be given annually, one for Excellence in Mentorship of Physician/Scientists and one for Excellence in Mentorship of Clinician/Educators. 

Past winners:


Kristina Crothers, Excellence in Mentoring Physician/Scientists
Joyce Wipf, Excellence in Mentoring Clinician/Teachers


Rosemarie Fernandez, Excellence in Mentoring Clinician/Teachers
Oliver Press, Excellence in Mentoring Physician/Scientists


Matthew Golden, Excellence in Mentoring Physician/Scientists
Mark Tonelli, Excellence in Mentoring Clinician/Teachers

UWMC Chief of Medicine Service Awards

The UWMC Chief of Medicine Service Awards were established in 2012 to recognize department of medicine faculty members who have contributed significantly to the clinical and scholarly missions of the University of Washington Medical Center. The awards recognize one outpatient and one inpatient-based clinician who have made outstanding contributions in direct clinical care, innovations in quality improvement and health delivery, consistently exhibit excellence in clinical teaching, and produce high-quality scholarly works related to patient care. 

Past winners:

Anthony Desantis
Michael Lenaeus

Moira Aitken
Medley Gatewood

Gabrielle Berger
Michi Shinohara

Arthur Eric Anderson
Corinne Fligner

Paul Hendrie
Patricia Kritek

Paul Pottinger
Andrew White

Terry Gernsheimer
Thomas Payne