Clinical Research Methods course

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Fellows interested in clinical research are invited to join a fast-paced comprehensive course in clinical research methods.

Bryan Kestenbaum
Leila Zelnick
David Prince
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Each Spring, the University of Washington offers a fast-paced comprehensive course in clinical research methods geared toward fellows in medicine and pediatrics.

The 11-week course teaches fundamental concepts of Epidemiology and Biostatistics with direct application of these methods toward the interpretation of contemporary biomedical research.

The course will combine out of class reading and video content with in-class problem solving sessions and journal article appraisal.


The course is taught by instructors in the Division of Nephrology and Kidney Research Institute. Dr. Bryan Kestenbaum, professor, is the course director and primary instructor. He will be assisted by Dr. Leila Zelnick, research associate professor, and Dr. David Prince, research scientist.


 Topics covered by the course include:



Design and interpretation of randomized trials

Descriptive statistics

Causal inference

Interpretation of confidence intervals and p-values

Cohort studies

Hypothesis testing and statistical error

Case-control studies

Study power and its determinants

Confounding and its control

Linear and log-link regression

Screening and diagnosis

Survival data