Faculty in our Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine uncover fundamental mechanisms involved in the onset, progression, and resolution of acute lung injury, airway infection, and asthma.

We have tremendous strength in our lung immunity and repair program that is based at the Center for Lung Biology at the University of Washington.

Recent advancements:

Remote electronic inhaler monitors for COPD

Dr. Vincent Fan has received a $1.1 million grant from the VA HSR&D for his project: “Understanding Patient Management of COPD Exacerbations.” The goal of the grant is to enroll a cohort of 400 patients with COPD and follow them for 1-year to understand the factors associated with seeking care for exacerbations, and also to see whether using remote electronic inhaler monitors can help detect early exacerbations.

Obesity care for patients with COPD

Dr. David Au is conducting an NIH funded 1,000 person trial named Health through Obesity care for PatiEnts with COPD (HOPE). The trial will test whether a self-directed lifestyle intervention among overweight and obese patients with COPD will improve patient centered outcomes including weight loss, exercise tolerance, and dyspnea over usual care alone.