Investigators in our Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are utilizing epidemiologic techniques to study the incidence, prevalence, and risk factors associated with various infections, especially STDs, HIV, sepsis, and urinary tract infections.

Open access 'Malaria box' a success

Malaria drug research remains a huge problem in the world, and malaria and the lack of effective drugs leads to the loss of over 440,000 lives annually.

Notable achievements

  • Development of standardized susceptibility testing (Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion)

  • Creation of an academic research program on sexually transmitted diseases

  • Development of short-course therapy for UTIs

  • Development and implementation of PREP

  • Partner directed STD therapy

  • Establishment of effective HIV-2 therapy

  • 1st county in US to achieve 90/90/90 HIV control

Research centers: