Cardiac team is first in world to employ new aortic technique

Dr. Danny Dvir performs a first-in-the-world intentional cut via catheter to replace a patient’s failed artificial aortic valve.

Physicians in our Division of Cardiology are national leaders in clinical trials with the goal of safely adopting innovative, proven treatments.

Early and notable achievements

  • Development of “Bruce Protocol”
  • UW Medicine Heart Center
  • Center for Cardiovascular Innovation
  • Heart Regeneration Program
  • Seattle Proportional Risk Model

Pioneering clinical procedures

  • First in PNW Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)​
  • First in PNW MitraClip percutaneous non-surgical valve repair​
  • First in PNW Total Artificial Heart ​
  • World first BASILICA procedure

Did you know?

Robert A. Bruce is known as the “Father of Exercise Cardiology.” He developed the standardized treadmill test for diagnosing and evaluating heart and lung diseases. He was the first head of cardiology in 1950. His multistage test – several stages of progressively greater workloads – became known as the “Bruce Protocol.”

Research centers:

Cardiovascular Health Research Unit (CHRU)
Cardiovascular Research & Training Center (CVRTC)
Center for Cardiovascular Biology (CCVB)
Center for Cardiovascular Innovation (CCVI)