Current research in the Division of Medical Genetics builds on pioneering work done by the late Dr. Arno Motulsky and the role of heredity-environment interactions in the pathogenesis of disease.

Recent advancements:

Genomic analysis of inherited breast and ovarian cancer

Dr. Mary-Claire King received an award of $6.4 million over 7 years to study genomic analysis of inherited breast and ovarian cancer. Dr. King is known for her bold, imaginative, and diverse contributions to medical science and human rights—she discovered the BRCA1 gene locus that causes hereditary breast cancer and deployed DNA strategies that reunite missing persons or their remains with their families.

Did you know?

The movie Decoding Annie Parker is about Dr. King and her work. Actress Helen Hunt portrays Dr. King and Samantha Morton plays Annie Parker.

Research centers:

Markey Genetic Medicine Center