Current research in the Division of Medical Genetics builds on pioneering work done by the late Dr. Arno Motulsky and the role of heredity-environment interactions in the pathogenesis of disease.

Notable achievements and research

  • Discovery that HeLa cells had contaminated many cell lines thought to be from other tissues
  • Identification of the first gene, BRCA1, responsible for inherited susceptibility to breast cancer
  • Complex and Mendelian Gene discovery
  • Undiagnosed disease network site, sites in eMERGE, CSER, and CMG NHGRI genomic medicine consortia
  • Gene Regulation and Gene Therapy

Research centers:

NW Program for Undiagnosed Diseases

Did you know?

The movie Decoding Annie Parker is about Dr. Mary-Clare King and her work. Actress Helen Hunt portrays Dr. King and Samantha Morton plays Annie Parker.