Today’s cancer care comprises multiple goals and approaches, including early detection, prevention, and cure. Faculty in our Division of Medical Oncology are conducting world-class cancer research. 

Early Achievements

  • Dr. E. Donnall Thomas was the first to show that marrow could be safely infused into a human patient. Later he was the first to treat acute leukemia patients with marrow transplantation.
  • Establishment of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Notable Research

  • Major contribution to bone marrow and  stem cell therapy
  • Development of cell-based immunotherapy
  • Global approaches to breast cancer
  • Addressing financial toxicity of therapy
  • Immunotherapy to treat cancer
  • Risk-assessment model for acute myeloid leukemia therapy
  • Genomically driven personalized medicine for cancer treatment
  • Identification of germ line BRCA mutations in metastatic prostate cancer

Research Centers

Fred Hutch/UW Cancer Consortium