Targeting cancer treatment through machine learning and medicine

Researchers are using machine learning and big data to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Researchers in our Division of Hematology work at the cutting edge of molecular and cellular biology, pathophysiology, and applied clinical research.

Recent advancements:

Manipulating mammalian genomes in living cells

Dr. David Russell’s research program focuses on the development of improved methods for manipulating mammalian genomes in living cells. He has made major contributions in the fields of viral vectors, gene targeting, and the genetic manipulation of human stem cells. His current interests are focused on the creation of universal donor stem cells that allow a single cell line to be prepared for clinical use in many recipients.

He is an inventor on several patents, including the original patents describing adeno-associated virus vector serotypes and parvovirus-mediated gene targeting. He was named UW Inventor of the Year in 2014.