Northwest Hospital and the University of Washington Medical Center will be integrated under one hospital license effective January 1, 2020. The new entity will comprise two campuses of the University of Washington Medical Center: the Montlake Campus and the Northwest Campus. 

“There are many advantages to having two campuses,” said Dr. Thomas Staiger, who will be the Medical Director of the new integrated medical center. “We will have the ability to improve utilization of constrained hospital capacity, grow programs that make sense to provide at a community hospital, and to free up some capacity here (at the Montlake campus).”


Dr. Thomas Staiger
Dr. Thomas Staiger

A revised leadership group and leadership structure is planned to accommodate a two-campus structure. Staiger will be the UWMC Medical Director and will be the Campus Medical Director at the Montlake Campus. Dr. Santiago Neme will be the Campus Medical Director at the Northwest Campus.

In addition, there will be a Service Chief responsible for the services at both campuses and a Campus Section Head at whichever campus the Service Chief does not have as their primary site of practice.

Faculty appointments and medical staff privileges

A faculty appointment will continue to be required to practice at the Montlake campus. At a minimum, medical staff at the Northwest campus will have an “inpatient assessment and consultative privilege.” With this privilege, physicians may view their patient’s record, interact with their patient and, if they have discussed the patient with inpatient team, document in the record.

Physicians will need a faculty appointment to actively participate in the care of a patient at the Montlake campus. 

Potential impacts and next steps

“One of our main goals for this integration was to only change things that had to be changed to meet regulatory requirements or that are clearly beneficial to warrant a change,” said Staiger. “For the majority of medical staff currently at the Montlake campus, I anticipate there will be relatively few impacts.”

A set of bylaws for the new organization has been drafted and will come to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) on February 11, 2019 and to the quarterly medical staff on March 7, 2019.