Dr. Thomas Rea, professor (General Internal Medicine) is leading the expansion of the U.S. HeartRescue project. The U.S. HeartRescue Consortium started in 2011, to bring together some of the nation’s leading resuscitation experts to improve survival rates for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). 

More than 350,000 people in the United States die from SCA each year, most within minutes because care arrives too late. This project provides response and resuscitation training for citizen bystanders, first responders, emergency medical services and hospital emergency room staff. 

"In no other health condition does life and death hang in such a time-pressured balance, relying on a diverse set of rescuers who must immediately work together." 

-Dr. Thomas Rea

The U.S. consortium currently includes American Medical Response (AMR Medicine) and the following states: Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Seventeen more states are expected to join by the end of 2019. The hope is to collectively improve survival rates in new states by 25 percent in four years. 

The Washington program is a collaboration of King County EMS, Seattle Fire Department’s Medic One program, Harborview Paramedic Training Program, and the University of Washington.