Staff Spotlight

Danielle Trice

Danielle Julien Trice is the human resources manager for the Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. She received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and moved to Seattle to join the University of Washington in July 2019.

“I knew I didn’t want to work in academia on a faculty track and instead wanted to use the skills I had learned in more business environments,” she said.

“People relations and organizational change has been a common thread through my eclectic career. I worked in Vietnam as both an educator and a program manager for a private international school. Afterwards, I joined corporate america for data analysis and learning & development, before eventually settling in Seattle at the UW.”

In her current role, she serves as the main HR contact for over 100 faculty and more than 200 staff.

“Danielle has been a joy to work with,” said Department of Medicine HR Director Bryn Vaswig. “She has brought a fresh perspective to the department and has a welcoming, kind demeanor that is essential for being a successful HR Manager. She has been a fabulous addition to the division and to the department HR Managers group!”

Danielle’s day-to-day ranges from faculty promotions, to staff hiring and onboarding, to conflict/resolution, management coaching, and salary changes.

“No day is ever the same and I love the people and problem-solving aspect of the role I play in the division,” she says. “I really enjoy how collaborative and problem-solving everyone is. If I don’t know the answer to something, some else will, and they are always incredibly supportive in sharing knowledge and experience.”

Danielle Trice with horse

Originally from a small-ish, rural town in Connecticut, Danielle is the oldest of three daughters and grew up as an avid 4-H member, showing cows, sheep, and pigs in local county fairs. She rode horses for 15 years.

She travels internationally as often as she can. Yukon, Canada and Cambodia are two of her favorite places.

Danielle Trice with Greyhound rescue dog

“Though I’ve traveled up and down the east coast and overseas,” she said, “moving to Seattle was the first time I had stepped on the west coast.”

In her free time, Danielle is an aspiring writer and amateur salsa dancer. She also loves horror movies, historical costume shows, and being outdoors. 

“I have had my motorcycle license since I was 18. When I visit home, a fun family moment is to go window shopping for a new bike. Maybe I’ll get my first Harley soon!”

She also volunteers helping retired racing Greyhounds find forever homes, and is on the hunt for the best Trini roti in the Seattle area!