Dr. Kevin SteehlerOur June spotlight is on Internal Medicine Resident Dr. Kevin Steehler.

They received their MPH and medical degree from Emory University, and are currently in the Primary Care track at the University of Washington, pursuing the HIV pathway.

“In addition to becoming an HIV primary care doctor, my goal is to help patients who are underserved by our current healthcare system, including LGBTQ+ communities. Through my involvement with the Resident and Fellow Physician Union (RFPU), I plan to advocate for more equitable working conditions for trainees as a means of increasing the diversity of our work force.”

Steehler is currently the LGBTQ+ Alliance co-chair for the University of Washington Resident Diversity Council, and recently appointed as co-chair of the newly formed Department of Medicine LGBTQ+ Council.

Bringing a wealth of advocacy experience to this council, Steehler founded and was co-president of the Emory Graduate Student LGBTQ+ Coalition, which curated social events, opportunities for advocacy, film nights, and lectures directed at the LGBTQ+ graduate student community. Graduate programs involved in the Coalition included the medical school, law school, school of public health, nursing school, business school, and school of theology.

They also organized social events, lunch-time talks, and served as treasurer for the Emory University School of Medicine LGBTQ+ alliance.

“The council will foster LGBTQ+ community among residents, staff and faculty, promote visibility, and brainstorm the ways we can improve the working lives of LGBTQ+ physicians at UW’s various clinical sites,” says Steehler. “Some of our immediate goals include synthesizing an “Out-list” to help LGBTQ+ physicians/staff/trainees network with each other and creating pronoun badges that are accessible to all physicians at UW.”