In the News

Several journals, academic associations, and news organizations annually prepare lists of the year’s influential advances.

Here is some of the news from the Department of Medicine that landed on these lists:

Science News most read story of 2018

Male birth control passes a safety test

Science News called a study on a once-daily capsule safely suppressing reproductive hormones in men its most read news story of 2018.  In the study of 83 men, within a month the treatment suppressed sperm production without resulting in troubling symptoms from a drop in testosterone. The preliminary findings make the prototype pill an appealing candidate for future studies of male contraception. Dr. Stephanie Page, professor and head (Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition), headed the research.

Department of Medicine faculty featured in UW Medicine Newsroom most-viewed stories

Our faculty were featured in 5 of the top ten most-viewed stories from UW Medicine Newsroom: