The Kenya TB Research & Training Program was established in late 2019 through a grant from the Firland Foundation, to catalyze research projects and discoveries in tuberculosis (TB) research.

The Kenya TB Research & Training Program (KTRTP) is collaboration between investigators at the UW Tuberculosis Research & Training Center (TRTC), UW Kenya Research and Training Center (KRTC), Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the University of Nairobi.

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The TRTC was established in 2017 with a mission to provide training and educational opportunities, foster clinical- and basic-science collaborative research, and create a hub for local investigators to come together and catalyze TB research opportunities for investigators in Seattle.

The KRTC has fostered collaborations between UW and Kenya investigators for over 30 years on a variety of research topics including HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

The KTRTP will develop TB-specific resources that harness the strengths of both the TRTC and the KRTC.

The KTRTP will support TB research and training by bringing together investigators in Kenya and Seattle and will be co-directed by researchers from the University of Washington (Drs. Sylvia LaCourse, David Horne, and Tom Hawn) and Kenya (Dr. Videlis Nduba at KEMRI and Dr. Lisa Obimbo at University of Nairobi).

The KTRTP will provide opportunities for Seattle area and Kenyan trainees and faculty to foster and create collaborative research projects and capacity development to address research gaps and bottlenecks. This will include development of a biorepository. The KTRTP leverages a long history of successful UW-Kenya partnerships in biomedical research and fosters new local and international TB opportunities to address one of the leading causes of worldwide mortality.

More information about KTRTP opportunities will be available soon. For inquiries about upcoming collaborative opportunities, please visit the KTRTP website or contact Ksenia Koon