A View from the Former Chair

As we enter the holiday season, I would like to wish each of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy time with your family and friends. I also want to take a moment to comment on the political climate and reaffirm our core values.

We are in the midst of change and uncertainty. The recent election and the present post-election period have spurred many different emotions and reactions. It is important to acknowledge that some members of our community have real personal fears and may feel marginalized due to the statements and actions of political leaders.

At this time, I wish to restate some fundamental values. Our commitment is to provide outstanding care for our patients and families, education for our trainees, and to make new discoveries and translate these into improvements in human health.

In striving to meet these goals, we welcome and grow through diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage and support the academic and emotional health of each member of our community regardless of their political affiliations, race/ethnicity, religion, gender/sex, creed, national origin or any other differences. We admire tolerance for all and aim to treat everyone with respect, kindness and generosity.

The political landscape may change how we meet our goals. Future decisions regarding the Affordable Care Act, NIH funding, and other issues could have serious consequences. But we can be thankful that we are well positioned with so many outstanding people to deal with change. And, as always, your best ideas, good will and hard work will be necessary for us to succeed in meeting our highest goals.

Thank you for your ongoing strong commitment to our goals and mission, and very best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!