A View from the Former Chair

Teaching is the cornerstone activity of our mission. I would like to highlight a particularly strong recent group of awards, and thank our faculty and residents for their outstanding contributions to excellence in teaching.

Teaching awards

The Department of Medicine has a stellar record of cultivating outstanding teaching, and countless honors and awards have been bestowed on our faculty. We have 12 faculty members who have won the School of Medicine Distinguished Teaching Award four times, designating them Teachers Superior in Perpetuity.

Recent achievements

Turck award

Dr. Karen Stout
Dr. Karen Stout

Dr. Karen Stout, professor (Cardiology) was named the 2016 Turck award winner.

The Turck Award celebrates Dr. Marvin Turck, who has been a faculty member in the division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1964 and has been recognized for his teaching, clinical work and scholarship.

She will receive the award in the fall.

Beeson award

Dr. Zachary Goldberger
Dr. Zachary Goldberger

Dr. Zachary Goldberger, assistant professor (Cardiology), received the 32nd annual Paul B. Beeson Award.

He was chosen by the medicine residents in recognition of outstanding clinical teaching and for exemplifying scholarship, humility, compassion, and integrity.

Distinguished teaching awards

The graduating medical class of 2016 selected Drs. Jamie Shandro, associate professor (Emergency Medicine) and Basak Coruh, assistant professor (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) as the two recipients of Clinical Distinguished Teacher awards.

Dr. Ronald Loge, a clinical professor in Dillon, Montana, received the 2016 WWAMI Distinguished Teacher Award. He has taught the Internal Medicine third year clerkship for many years.

Stern teaching awards

Drs. Daniel Cabrera, clinical instructor, and Tyra Fainstad, acting instructor, received Stern Teaching Awards from the Division of General Internal Medicine. This award provides protected time for one year for junior faculty members to hone their teaching skills while working with senior faculty mentors.

Outstanding teacher award

Dr. Andrew Luks, professor (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) was voted most outstanding teacher for the MS1 class by the Medical Student Association.

Resident and student awards

Evans Awards

Evans Award winners
Evans Award winners

The 2016 Evans Awards went to residents Terry Chen and Thomas Newman and student Michelle Lam.

The Robert S. Evans Awards are presented to the second-year medicine resident and the graduating student who most clearly reflect the qualities of warmth, understanding, and concern for human welfare exemplified by Dr. Evans, who was chief of medicine at the Seattle VA and departmental vice chair for many years.

Medicine Resident and Intern Excellence in Teaching Awards

The following were honored in recognition of outstanding commitment to teaching and mentoring medical students:

Interns:  Michael Harms, Adam Kolnick, Patrick Marcus, and Katie Martin
R2's:  Sarah McGuffin, Ryan Murphy, Yuree Nam, Michael Northrop, Amy Thomas
R3's:  Brandon Dickinson, Anna Hagan, Andrew Harris, Andrew Moon

Department of Medicine Outstanding Student Award

Angene Johnson received this year’s Outstanding Student Award. Angene will be starting her internal medicine residency in primary care next month at the University of Colorado.

Future educators

Doug Paauw gave the commencement speech to the 2016 graduating class.

Dr. Douglas Paauw
Dr. Douglas Paauw

“It is a hard job being a physician,” he said. “It is also a remarkable privilege and deeply rewarding profession.

You must guide your patients down a dark, narrow path, with dangers on either side, with wisdom as your source of light.

We gain this wisdom through experience. Some of those experiences are painful ones, but the difficult times make us a better doctor.”

Doug was recently honored for his 25 years of service to the University of Washington. He has been the director for student teaching for the Department of Medicine since 1992. 

Among his numerous awards and accomplishments over the years, Doug has received the Evans, Beeson, and Turck awards, the UW Distinguished Teaching Award, and many national awards. He was elected a Teacher Superior in Perpetuity in 1997.

Follow your heart

Doug told the 2016 graduating class that there are three C’s to being a good doctor: Curiosity, compassion, and courage. He also said that what you need to be a doctor is in your heart, not in a notebook.

I agree.

My career has been extremely rewarding and I am fortunate to have been around long enough to mentor and watch some of my colleagues’ careers evolve from students and residents to professors.

I am very proud of our many, many faculty who are recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for excellence in teaching.