When you come to the UW campus for the first time, whether here for a visit or your first day of employment, please stop by a staffed gatehouse to purchase a parking permit for the day. The closest gatehouse to the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) is the south gatehouse, located on Columbia Road, behind UWMC.

Parking products

There are several parking products available for purchase: Permits, Individual Commuter Tickets, Pay-Per-Use, and parking cards.


  1. SOV – Select a Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) permit if you park three or more days per week. You may purchase it quarterly or annually. Hang the permit from your rear view mirror. SOV permits are valid every day, all-day, in the lot assigned to you. It is also valid in any unrestricted lot after 4pm. A complimentary U-PASS comes with an SOV permit.
  2. Swing shift – This permit allows you to park weekdays from 2:30pm-8am and Saturdays 7am-noon. It is cheaper than an SOV permit and may be purchased quarterly or annually.
  3. Short-term – Short-term SOV permits may be purchased for a minimum of three days and can extend no more than 120 days in the future. They can be purchased for consecutive days or for particular days of the week.
  4. Discounted value parking – E18 (north of the IMA) is a discounted parking lot. This permit does not include the perks (out-of-area parking, U-PASS) that come with other parking products.
  5. Carpool – You can get a carpool permit (quarterly or annual) if you commit to carpooling at least three days per week. A carpool permit costs the same as an SOV permit, but that cost is shared between the members of the carpool.
  6. Out-of-area – The out-of-area permit provides complimentary parking to permit holders in an area outside of your regularly scheduled lot for work-related meetings, classes or duties that require proximity parking. Stop at a gatehouse to get this permit. If you are in the Pay-Per-Use program, show your husky card at a gatehouse and you will be charged your normal daily use rate.

Individual Commuter Tickets (ICT)

Use ICTs if you park twice per week or less. A minimum of six or a maximum of 26 ICTs can be purchased at a time and only in multiples of two. When ICTs are sold, a next-purchase date is set. For every two ICTs you buy, your next-purchase date will be extended by one week. For example, if you purchase 26, you are not eligible to purchase more for 13 weeks.

Pay-Per-Use Program (PPUP)

This is a good option if you don’t know how often you will need to park on campus. This option is only valid at the Portage Bay Garage, between University Way NE and Brooklyn Avenue NE on NE Pacific St and in the E1 parking area.

To use PPUP, just swipe your husky card to raise the gate at the entrance. You will only be charged for each day you park (the rate changes depending on how often you park). You may choose between payroll deduction or Husky Debit to pay for your parking. 

Parking cards

If you are not based at UWMC, but periodically go there for meetings, clinics, etc. you may want to check with your division about a parking card. At this time, this option is only available in the E12 lot. Your husky card will be activated and the parking is charged to a divisional budget each time you park. Your division administrator will need to authorize this in advance.

Parking lots

A lot will be assigned to you when you purchase a parking product from Transportation Services. The closest available parking to UWMC/UW Health Sciences is E12 and the Portage Bay Garage.

Parking in the S1 lot requires approval from the Department of Medicine and the School of Medicine and is not available at this time. There is a freeze on all new permits and parking cards in this lot due to garage over-capacity.

How to purchase

Purchase parking products at the UW Transportation office, located at the Staff Human Resources Building at 1320 NE Campus Parkway.


When you come to the UW campus for the first time, whether here for a visit or your first day of employment, please stop by a staffed gatehouse to purchase a parking permit for the day.

Staffed gatehouses:

  • NORTH- Northeast 45th Street and Memorial Way (17th Avenue Northeast) by the Burke Museum
  • WEST- 15th Avenue Northeast and Stevens Way by Meany Hall
  • EAST- Pend Oreille Road, off of 25th Avenue Northeast, near University Village Shopping Center
  • SOUTH- Columbia Road, behind the University of Washington Medical Center
  • Central Plaza Garage- 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 41st Street

Gatehouses are open:
M-F 6am-9pm
Sat 7am-noon

Parking is complimentary when gatehouses are closed with the exception of E1 where there is no overnight parking and any campus lots that have signs that restrict the lot's use at “all times on all days” to particular permit holders.

Parking at Harborview

For information about parking options at Harborview, please contact:

HMC Parking and Commuter Services
Location: HMC 8CT69
Phone: (206)744‐3254
Email: hmcpark@uw.edu

Parking at South Lake Union 

You can get an SLU parking permit through the UW Transportation Office. Your husky card will be activated and you swipe your card to enter/exit the lot.

Complimentary out of area, day-use parking at SLU is offered by presenting a UW or HMC parking permit alongside the SLU garage's ticket to SLU reception for validation. To exit the garage, a validated ticket is required at the gate arm.

After 3:30pm weekdays and all day on weekends, parking is free. Parkers arriving after 3:30 weekdays should immediately stop at reception for validation; after-hours validation will be handled by security.


Complimentary shuttles run between Harborview, UWMC, UWMC Roosevelt Clinic, UW Tower, SCCA and South Lake Union. There is also a shuttle between UWMC and the VA.


Alternate options to parking on campus

You have many alternate options (transit, biking, walking, shuttles) that are explained in detail on the UW Transportation Services website.