Conflict resolution

Office of the Ombud

The mission of the UW Ombud is "to provide high quality, client-focused services for preventing, managing, and resolving conflict at this University. Through active participation in the problem-solving process, clients develop the ability to prevent, manage, and resolve future conflicts."

They address common faculty concerns, such as:

  • Peer harassment
  • Faculty evaluations
  • Merit review
  • Salary inequity
  • Academic procedures
  • Quality of instruction
  • Scientific misconduct
  • Space/resource allocations


Office of the Ombud
(206) 543-6028
Health Sciences T-265K

Peer to peer program

The UW Medicine Peer to Peer Program is designed to provide a supportive listener after a stressful event or when the job feels overwhelming. Any care team member can access one on one support from a colleague in their field – a trained peer supporter. 

Safe Campus

Preventing violence is a shared responsibility in which everyone at the UW plays a part. The SafeCampus website provides information on counseling and safety resources, University policies, and violence reporting requirements that help us maintain a safe personal, work, and learning environment.

UW CareLink

UW CareLink offers a wide range of services that can help you manage through the different stages of life, develop a healthy lifestyle, create a quality work environment, and save time by providing easy access to trusted experts, including counselors, attorneys, financial advisors, and child and adult/elder care consultants.

Washington Physicians Health Program

Since 1986, the Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP) has assisted with the recovery and return to work of thousands of healthcare providers. WPHP offers services to healthcare providers who have a medical condition that could impact their clinical performance. These services include general outreach, crisis intervention, informal assessment, treatment monitoring, and support for providers who need help. WPHP believes that early intervention and evaluation offer the best opportunity for a successful outcome and help to protect patient safety.