UW Medicine Provider Bios

UW Medicine expects all clinically active faculty to have a complete bio on the UW Medicine webpage

Provider bios comprise 10 percent of all page-view traffic on the UW Medicine website. Bios are accessed by your colleagues when researching options for referrals. They are accessed by patients before they schedule a clinic visit. Complete profiles convey care and attention to what patients and families want to know before seeking medical care.

Create or update your bio information online

Professional photographs

A bio/profile is not considered complete without a photo. 

Headshots must be professional quality color portraits shot against a blue-grey background. The portrait should be shot from the mid-chest up. Lab coats are not required, but if you wear one when while seeing patients, it is recommended that you wear one in the headshot. Appropriate business attire is mandatory. 

Photo and video sessions are scheduled twice monthly, in conjunction with medical staff onboarding orientation at HMC or UWMC. 

Division bios

You should also have a faculty bio page on your division website. The division bios include research faculty and often feature additional information not found on the UW Medicine page, such as publications. Please see your division administrator or coordinator for more information.