UW Medicine Provider Bios

UW Medicine expects all clinically active faculty to have a complete bio on the UW Medicine webpage

Provider bios comprise 10 percent of all page-view traffic on the UW Medicine website. Bios are accessed by your colleagues when researching options for referrals. They are accessed by patients before they schedule a clinic visit. Complete profiles convey care and attention to what patients and families want to know before seeking medical care.

Create or update your bio information online

Headshot photos

*Note: New providers will have their headsot taken during their MSO onboarding

  1. Register for a basic studio portrait
  2. Select the date and time you want to book (studio is located in the Health Sciences Building at UWMC)
  3. Fill in your name and contact information
  4. In the “Additional information (Required) section”, include the following message: “Bill UW Medicine Marketing & Communications team, billing code ending in 0739”
  5. Hit “Book”
  6. You will receive a confirmation email that will provide you with instructions on how to get to the studio, and how to change or cancel your appointment.

Manage or cancel your appointment

You cancel or change your appointment at least three hours before your scheduled time. To change or cancel your appointment open your confirmation email and click on the “change” or “cancel” button. You can also call 206-685-0165 or email uwphotos@uw.edu.

Headshot Studio Location

The Portrait Studio is located in T-273 on the 2nd floor T-wing of the Warren G Magnuson Health Sciences Building at the South end of the main UW campus and West of the UW Medical Center. The studio is west of the Health Sciences Library and one door west from UW Posters - T271. Convenient entrances to the building are off Pacific Street, 2nd floor is below street level on the north side, plus there are entrances on each of the other sides. 

Attire Guidelines

A good rule of thumb for darker skin tones is to wear lighter clothing and lighter skin tones to wear darker clothing. Also, avoid shiny fabric, bold patterns, flowers, stripes, and fine checks. Cover a white or bright top with a blazer, jacket, or sweater. Solid medium tones are best overall. If a clinic jacket is required, make sure it fits well and is clean and pressed. If you prefer to be photographed wearing your glasses, non-reflective lenses work best.

Have questions or want to learn about scheduling a headshot event for 5 or more providers? Contact uwmmktg@uw.edu

Division bios

You should also have a faculty bio page on your division website. The division bios include research faculty and often feature additional information not found on the UW Medicine page, such as publications. Please see your division administrator or coordinator for more information.