The Department of Medicine IT Group recently built a new mobile Audio/Video system that can handle all aspects of the A/V needs for any medium-to-large presentation, conference or meeting. 

This system is all encased a single mobile cart that can be used anywhere in the UWMC, HSB and SCC areas. It can also be deployed for off-site department functions with advanced booking.


  • Independent audio system
    • Three professional-grade wireless handheld, two lapel, and three desktop omnidirectional microphones that can be active simultaneously
    • PA speakers for use in rooms without any audio system
    • Wireless hearing-impaired listening devices for up to four individuals
  • Independent video system
    • Capable of connecting to Zoom and other high definition web-based and onsite video conferencing and webinar systems
    • Two high-resolution video cameras that can be located anywhere in the event arena
    • High-end projector that can be used in almost any size room

The system can utilize existing A/V equipment in an auditorium/conference room or it can be used completely independently.

It also features the ability to mix the video and audio feeds in multiple ways for presentation through Zoom and has the ability to record on site as well as use the features of Zoom to manage presentation recordings.

Audience members can view a presentation live from anywhere in the world where they can access Zoom. 

How to reserve

If you are interested in booking this system for a function within the Department of Medicine, please contact:

Walt Morrison, DOM IT Director