Timeline for submission

Once the decision has been made to submit a proposal, one of the early steps in the process is to develop a timeline. A simple way to do this is to work backwards from the due date of the proposal, allowing appropriate time for review by Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and other approving units.


  1. Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP): OSP requires 7 business days to review a copy of the proposal with final business documents (budget, etc.) and must receive the final, complete proposal 3 business days prior to submission date. In other words, there may be minor changes to the proposal after the first submission at 7 days, but no changes can be made to the budget unless required by OSP. The proposal (not including budget) could then be slightly edited, if necessary, before submitting it as final prior to the 3 business day deadline.
  2. Other UW units: Reasonable and sufficient time must also be allowed for reviews by all other UW units who must approve the proposal, including home division. These units may take from 1-3 days for review depending on other units’ review processes.

Occasionally, a sponsor will require an original signature on the proposal. In this case, OSP will sign the original face page which then needs to be picked up from their office by the division and included in the proposal. Time needs to be allowed for this when developing the timeline.

Just-in-time process

Just-in-Time (JIT) is a process used by many agencies such as NIH, AHRQ, CDC, and DOD to gather documentation needed before an award can be made. This process is used when a proposal receives a fundable score and occurs a few months before the anticipated award start date.

One benefit of this process includes saving the PI and department time and effort during proposal preparation since the documentation requested for Just-in-Time do not have to be included at the time the proposal is submitted.