Additional training for research faculty

Required trainings help you comply with external sponsor and internal requirements and reduce your risk as a researcher. Which trainings are required for you largely depend on what your research involves. Please visit the UW Research Required Training website to find your required training.

Listed below are some common training modules.

Faculty effort

Signed documentation is required whenever salaries are charged to grants/contracts, or when related sponsored agreements share the cost of faculty salaries.  Any time spent on instruction, research, administration, service or clinical activity is considered to be faculty effort.

Faculty grants management

Principal investigators with active, externally funded grants and contracts are required to participate in this program.  Failure to comply with this program will result in the loss of the principal investigator’s expenditure authority on grants and will prevent any future submission of additional grant proposals.

CRB3 Documenting, Coding, and Billing Clinical Research Services

This training provides essential information for study teams utilizing professional and/or facility services provided to clinical research study participants by UW Medicine physicians, clinics and hospital service centers.

Animal use

In addition to the required Animal Use Laws and Regulations training, you will also be required to complete animal training specific to your research area. 

Human subjects

If you will be working with human subjects in your research endeavor, you should take the Protection of Human Research Subjects (PHRS) Training.

Shipping hazardous materials

Federal regulations require that all persons who mark, label, package, document or classify hazardous materials for shipment be trained and certified by their employer. They need to complete initial training followed by recurrent training every 2 years.