Managing your grant

Adhering to sponsor guidelines in the management of a grant is absolutely critical. If a proposal is funded, you should make it a priority to discuss management of the project with your division administrator prior to any work starting. Divisions and departments provide varying levels of support to investigators for grant management.

There are a number of courses/trainings that are available to assist you in grant management, including the Faculty Grants Management Course which must be taken by all active investigators every 4 years in order to maintain the ability to submit grants.

Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) is the UW administrative office responsible for post-award management of funds. Working with the divisions and departments, GCA processes/approves budget transactions and provides reports related to the budget. The Pi is ultimately responsible for appropriate management of the project and should work closely with staff to ensure that the project is administered appropriately.

Grant and Contract Certification Report (GCCR)

Grant and Contract Certification Reports (also known as Payroll Certification Reports) are documentation used by the University of Washington to certify the reasonableness of salaries and wages charged to sponsored projects.

It is the responsibility of the PI to certify the report. The PI cannot delegate authority to sign the report for reasons of convenience.


Post-award managers use this the MyFinancial.desktop system to access information about budgets, expend funds, or manage payroll. PIs are asked to review ALL grant expenditures.