Purpose of a faculty well-being program

Personal wellness is vital to the success and professional satisfaction of every individual.

Nationally, rates of burnout are high among busy healthcare professionals. Wellness a high priority in our department and in the School of Medicine and we strive to maximize wellness for all members of our community. 


Peer to Peer Program

The School of Medicine Peer to Peer Program supports all members of our healthcare team. Care team members can request support for themselves or a colleague at any time via the online portal or by reaching out to any of the clinical Peer to Peer leaders. Peer supporters are healthcare team members trained to be supportive, non-judgmental and confidential listeners. 

Well-being and support

The School of Medicine offers Well-Being and Support resources for faculty. 

The Whole U

The Whole U is focused on fostering connection, holistic wellness, and engaging your interests. 


Get help

UW CareLink

UW CareLink offers a wide range of services that can help you manage through the different stages of life, develop a healthy lifestyle, create a quality work environment, and save time by providing easy access to trusted experts, including counselors, attorneys, financial advisors, and child and adult/elder care consultants.

Washington Physicians Health Program

Since 1986, the Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP) has assisted with the recovery and return to work of thousands of healthcare providers. WPHP offers services to healthcare providers who have a medical condition that could impact their clinical performance. These services include general outreach, crisis intervention, informal assessment, treatment monitoring, and support for providers who need help. WPHP believes that early intervention and evaluation offer the best opportunity for a successful outcome and help to protect patient safety.