Protect Your Data

The recent radiation leak at the Harborview Research and Training building affected more than just the health and safety of the people who worked there – it put their data at risk.

Some researchers could not access their data because they could not enter the building to collect their laptops and had no way to access them remotely. Some lost data because they were not protected by a back-up system.


Luckily, the Department of Medicine IT group is here to help. They offer a FREE Data Protection Program (DPP) that backs up and protects your data, and allows you to access it from anywhere.


  • Ransomware and virus protection
  • Data backup twice daily
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Enhanced security and encryption
  • All devices used for work purposes (including phones, laptops, tablets, flash drives) must be encrypted and password protected.
    • Encryption is not the same as password protection and you need both.
    • Do not assume your device is encrypted. Bring it to one of the IT Kiosks to make sure.

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Protect your data now! Email, call 616-8805, or visit an IT Kiosk

Do I have to?

Protecting and encrypting your data is mandatory to comply with UW Medicine and Department of Medicine policies.

For more information, please visit the DOM IT website Data Protection Program