University of Washington Physicians constitutes a professional group practice called the "University of Washington Physicians" (UWP), the School of Medicine's clinical practice organization.


Associate: standard appointment (no UWP voting rights)
Member: standard appointment (UWP voting rights)
Limited associate: temporary appointment (one year or less) or working less than 20 hours/week and emeritus faculty 
Volunteer: non-paid appointment


UWP benefits for Associates and Members

Non-competition policy

On March 15, 1999, the University of Washington Physicians (UWP) adopted a non-competition policy, which has been amended and restated (most recently in November 2016, effective January 1, 2017). The policy prohibits physicians from engaging in the independent clinical practice of medicine while employed by UWP. It also prohibits certain clinical activities for two years after separation from employment with UWP. The post-separation restriction prohibits the individual from directly or indirectly engaging in the type of clinical practice performed while employed by UWP or providing those services to any medical establishment within a specified geographic area. 

Individuals paid less than 50% are not required to sign a non-compete agreement. 

When does the post-separation restriction not apply? 

The post-separation noncompetition restriction will not be applied under certain circumstances, determined by the UW Medicine CEO: 

  1. De Minimis clinical activities
  2. Unilateral closure of a program
  3. Sites that are not primary sites