The credentialing process is also referred to as “appointment to the medical staff.” This is a separate process from your appointment as a faculty member.

Before you can be involved in patient care activities, you must be credentialed and complete various training modules. Generally speaking, you will have a primary site where you see patients, but you may also see patients at other sites. It is strongly recommended to request privileges at all facilities where your division provides inpatient/outpatient clinical services to allow for coverage in the event of an emergency.

The medical staff credentialing for UWMC, HMC, and SCCA are all completed by the Office of Medical Staff Appointments (OMSA). If you are going to practice at any of the other facilities within our network (Children's, Northwest, Valley) your division will assist in ensuring that appropriate credentialing procedures are carried out.

You cannot provide patient care at any facility where you do not have an approved medical staff appointment in place.

In addition to general training requirements, your division may require specialized training. Your offer letter should have provided information regarding the training required. If it is not clear, please ask your division head or administrator. It is important for this training to be completed so your ability to see patients is not jeopardized.


Before seeing any patients, you need to complete all of the Medical Staff Onboarding (MSO) requirements (requires UW Medicine login/password)

University of Washington Physicians (UWP) has in-person training sessions available throughout the year. Alternatively, the Learning Management System (LMS) is available online for provider orientation, compliance and training modules. This includes bloodborne pathogens, UWP compliance, and special privileges. Electronic Health Record (EHR) training is required to be completed in person.


Appointment to the medical staff is handled by the Office of Medical Staff Appointments (OMSA). Depending on the circumstances, the length of time required for OMSA to process an initial medical staff application is 4-6 months. OMSA assigns tracks based on providers’ education, work history, Department of Health (DOH) or license issues, legal claim history, etc.:

  • Husky Track: 30-55 business days
  • Green Track: 56-90 business days
  • Yellow Track: 91-120 business days
  • Red Track: 121-138 business days

All applications have to be approved by the board(s) of each site where medical staff privileges are requested (UWMC, HMC, SCCA).  As there are no board meetings in November, the lead time during this time period (and over the holidays) is longer. The current year’s committee approval timelines are posted on the School of Medicine Office of Medical Staff Appointments (OMSA) website, and are also available from the division coordinators.  

Applying for appointment to the medical staff

  1. OMSA sends applicant password and log-in information to the online application
  2. Applicant completes online application
  3. OMSA sends applicant privilege forms in a separate email
  4. Applicant signs privilege forms and returns to OMSA (via fax or email)

Reappointment to the medical staff

All providers at UW Medicine are required to apply for reappointment to the medical staff every 24-months. OMSA will notify you via email 6-months in advance. 


  1. OMSA sends applicant password and log-in to online application
  2. Applicant completes reappointment application form online
  3. OMSA sends applicant privilege forms in a separate email
  4. Applicant signs privilege forms and returns to OMSA (via fax or email) 

Board Certification

A provider who is applying for medical staff appointment to UW Medicine requires Board certification as evidenced by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or American Osteopathic Association (AOA), in the practitioner’s specialty or subspecialty within 5 years of residency or fellowship completion. Maintenance of certification is required.

There are distinct situations in which a waiver of Board Certification may be granted; please refer to the Board Certification Policy (see resources).

Medical License

Maintaining a current WA State medical license is a requirement of medical staff appointment for any provider. Any provider whose medical license is allowed to expire is immediately prohibited from any patient contact; the medical staff appointment is suspended until the medical license is renewed, which can be accomplished online

  1. When renewal confirmation is received, fax to OMSA at 206-616-5882 or forward the email to OMSA (

  2. After renewing a WA State medical license, complete the reimbursement request form (see resources)

  3. Mail it to the UWP address provided, including a copy of the renewed license

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration

Maintaining a current individual DEA certificate is a requirement for all medical staff - including residents and fellows (GME DEA Registration Policy) - who prescribe, order, administer, or handle controlled substances. Providers can apply for and renew their license online at:

All providers at HMC, SCCA and UWMC are fee-exempt, as UW Medicine is a Washington state agency. In order to qualify, a provider will need to list the following information:

  • Primary place of practice (UWMC/SCCA, HMC)
  • Certifying official is the service chief (Brad Anawalt/UWMC or Robert Harrington/HMC) or your division head
  • Address of the primary place of practice
  • Tax ID: 91-6001537 for UWMC/SCCA and 91-1631806 for HMC