Tenure is the right of a faculty member to hold his or her position without discriminatory reduction of salary, and not to suffer loss of such position, or discriminatory reduction of salary, except for the reasons and in the manner provided in the Faculty Code.

Most faculty in the Department of Medicine are appointed without tenure by reason of funding (WOT). A professor or associate professor without tenure by reason of funding (WOT) is qualified for tenure by virtue of rank. Such a faculty member holds his or her appointment on a continuing basis.

Faculty appointed WOT do not hold tenure because all or part of their annual University-administered salary is derived from sources other than regularly appropriated state funds. Except for this distinction, WOT faculty members have the same rights, responsibilities, and obligations as tenure-track and tenured faculty members at those ranks.

Appointment of tenure would typically happen at the time of initial appointment or promotion and would follow the same guidelines and procedures.