Interfolio is the required platform for conducting all nationally competitive searches. 

When is a search required?

A national search is required to hire regular or research faculty at the University of Washington. A national search is optional for acting or clinical appointments.

If you are placing a job advertisement (for any title) in a national journal, you must follow the procedures for drafting an ad.

Search committees


The Department of Medicine requirements for search committee composition:

  • Minimum of four members (eligible voting faculty)
  • Faculty rank equal or superior to candidate
  • At least one member from outside the division
  • At least one member from within the division whose site of practice is a different hospital


The department chair will ask you to either chair or serve as a member of the search committee. Your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. All members of the search committee participate in "Equity, Access, and Inclusion in Hiring" (UW Resolution 539) training on best practices regarding faculty candidate outreach, assessment, recruitment and retention. You can take the online training, or the committee can schedule a live training with Dr. Janice Sabin. 
  2. Search committee meets (this is sometimes done via email, conference call, etc. and initiated by the search committee chair)
  3. Draft advertisement
  4. Email ad to department for approval 
  5. Comments regarding advertisement are returned to the search committee (chair or administrative individual working with the committee) for consideration and possible revision
  6. Advertisement is published (must run 30 days in national journal)
  7. Applicants are reviewed and candidates interviewed
  8. Track applicants reviewed/interviewed by search committee

Once a candidate is selected, the search committee chair submits:

  1. Letter of recommendation addressed to the department chair (include position rank, track and pathway, attestation of compliance with resolution 539, and concurrence lines for the division head and service chief)
  2. Copy of the candidate's CV

Draft an advertisement

  1. Job profile -
    • Several job profiles and titles of similar type may be used in a single ad, pending AHR approval
    • State the department and division
    • State the specific job title (e.g., “Assistant Professor”) 
  2. Professorial track - Include tenure status if applicable (e.g. “without tenure due to funding”). If appointment is possible at more than one level, all potential titles must be listed. You may hire only at the level(s) advertised. If hiring for more than one position, you must state the exact number of positions for which you are hiring.
  3. Intended length of appointment - term, multi-year, indefinite, annual
  4. Job FTE percentage - Advertisements must specify whether the position is full-time (100% FTE), part-time (less than 100% FTE), or that candidates may be hired as either full-time or part-time. (International candidates who require UW visa sponsorship may only be hired and employed on a full-time basis.)
  5. Service period (9 months or 12 months)
  6. Minimum degree required –
    • State the degree (e.g., “Ph.D.” or “M.D.” or “doctorate” or "terminal degree in the field") and board requirement (e.g. ABIM). After the degree, add: “or foreign equivalent” and after ABIM add: “or foreign equivalent.”
    • For 100% PDR VA, use this statement: “Applicants must be U.S. Citizens (permanent residents may be appointed only if it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens)”
    • If a required field of study is indicated, consider whether other fields of study are acceptable. If so, include the phrase “or related field.”
  7. Description of job duties 
  8. The following EOE statement MUST be used in all position announcements:
    “University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.”
    Print media advertisements may use the following abbreviated statement: “EO M/F/Disability/Vet Employer.” 
    For more information, see
  9. Include hiring department contact information (name, email, phone)
  10. Include application submission instructions and any other required elements such as: CV/resume, references, and publications. 

Additional requirements for jobs that may be sponsored for permanent residency

  1. The advertisement must be published in a national professional journal in order for the recruitment to satisfy Department of Labor permanent residency requirements. The application deadline must be at least thirty (30) days after the date of the initial publication.
  2. Must include a detailed and specific description of teaching duties or include the phrase: “All University of Washington faculty engage in teaching, research and service.”

    “Research” can be deleted from this phrase for Lecturer appointments.

  3. Electronic ads, if used in lieu of a print ad, MUST include a posting in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  4. Retain a copy of the order confirmation received from The Chronicle of Higher Education which displays the advertisement type and the start date of when it was posted online, and a copy of the ad text as it appears on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website.

  5. Include only qualifications essential to the job; preferences should not be listed. In the context of a permanent residence application, the Department of Labor will consider all education/experience/skills/qualifications/etc. listed in the ad to be requirements, even if the ad says that they are preferred/ideal/etc. Units will need to provide proof that the successful candidate met the minimum requirements at the time of hire.

  6. For purposes of a green card application, units must obtain documentary evidence of the fulfillment of each requirement listed in the ad. To avoid difficulties, consider rewording preferences and vague requirements (e.g. “must be able to mentor diverse student populations”) as job duties (e.g. “duties include mentoring diverse student populations”).
  7. Candidates who fail to satisfy minimum qualifications cannot be considered for the job.
  8. Jobs with a work experience requirement are unlikely to be viewed as entry- level by the Department of Labor, and may accordingly be assigned a higher wage in the prevailing wage determination process.
  9. Do not advertise the salary or salary range. Ads may state that successful candidates will be expected to secure funding for their research, but not imply that they must generate their own salary.
  10. For Physician jobs with patient care responsibilities, include the following language in the advertisement: “In order to be eligible for University sponsorship for an H-1B visa, graduates of foreign (non-U.S,) medical schools must show successful completion of all three steps of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) or equivalent as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.”

Submit an ad

Email a copy of your proposed advertisement (as an attachment) PRIOR TO PUBLICATION to the department for review and approval. The department will notify you when it’s ok to publish the ad.

Post an ad

There are three options for posting job advertisements:

  1. Electronically (note: if you are ONLY advertising electronically then at a minimum the ad must appear in the Chronicle of Higher Education)
  2. In print
  3. Electronically and in print

The application deadline must be at least 30 days after the date of the initial publication of the advertisement in a national professional journal. If you opt for “position will remain open until filled” the current guideline for a reasonable timeline is approximately three years before re-advertising would be required.

Tracking faculty applicants

After the ad has gone through the approval process, it is posted on the UW Academic HR website, and you will receive an email with the AA number assigned to your recruitment. Keep a copy of this in your search file.

You will also receive a link to the Affirmative Action Information Request form (AAIR), which should be sent to each candidate who applies, along with an acknowledgement of receipt of their application and confirmation that the application has been forwarded to the search committee for consideration.

The data contained in the AAIR is used to populate the Applicant Flow Report, which must be included in the final appointment packet.