Good for Us All

Dr. Rachel Issaka, assistant professor (Gastroenterology) wrote about structural racism in the article "Good for Us All" in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). "As medical professionals, it is time to call out structural racism in medicine and work fervently to dismantle it," she writes. "Doing so will not just be 'good for me,' Black medical professionals, or patients but will ultimately be 'good for us all.'”

Excluding race from calculation of eGFR (measure of kidney function)

UW medical students initiated one of the first of its kind transition to the calculation of estimated glomerular filtration rate that is not adjusted by race.

“The historic decision by UW Medicine to no longer use race as a variable to estimate kidney function is significant in multiple ways," said UW medical student Naomi Nkinsi. "First, it shows that our medical system refuses to participate in the perpetuation of racism in medical practice, and has taken a stand to end the false narrative that Black bodies are inherently inferior to White bodies."

Anti-racism image.  Credit: © Jeremy Pawlowski / Stocksy United

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

UW Human Resources is dedicated to embedding inclusive and equitable practices in the culture of who we are as an institution and as an employer. Its new DEI website is a centralized location for existing resources, newly developed tools, events and more.  

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UW Medicine Healthcare Equity

It is important to acknowledge that institutional racism has created inequities in society — even within our own healthcare system — that result in health disparities. We are committed to transforming the way care is provided to eliminate these inequities. 

Race & Equity at the UW

Working to support and sustain diversity and equity at the UW, as well as in the local, regional and global communities we serve, by directly confronting bias and racism at the individual, institutional and systemic levels. 

Center for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusiveness throughout the School of Medicine including the WWAMI region.